Loungewear Set by Common Stitch

Where do you fall on the PJ spectrum? Are you diligent with your matching sets beyond the festive season when you’ve suddenly found yourself the happy owner of M&S’s latest sleepwear collection, or are you more of a grab-a-baggy-t-shirt-and-go type? While I would love to say I had coordinated sleepwear covered, this was a sartorial space in which my options were desperately lacking. I have the necessary brushed cotton jammies with festive motifs that mum buys all her children every Christmas without fail but as the weather is getting warmer, wearing festive sleepwear doesn’t quite cut the mustard and means my poor boyfriend James is left wondering where all his t-shirts are disappearing to! I was a bit reluctant to buy a sleepwear pattern, the styles, while lovely, can for the most part seem quite tricky to sew. Luckily, Common Stitch had teamed up with Peppermint magazine to create a dreamy loungewear set and just like that, I knew that a set in a soft double gauze would help me drift off into a cosy sleep.

The Pattern

Having seen other sleepwear designs by Common Stitch I was delighted to discover they were the brains behind this easy-to-wear loungewear set. The pattern consists of a boxy, oversized top with dropped shoulder sleeves and loose, three quarter length trousers with an elastic waistband. If I needed to print the pattern again, I would probably send the file to a sewing shop to print off in A0 size instead. There are a lot of pages (53 to be exact) to make up this pattern, coupled with my printer losing the will to live and printing on 1.5 sheets of paper at a time, it did feel a little wasteful considering the amount of paper leftover after I’d cut out my size.

In terms of assembly, it’s a nice easy make (I am all for stress-free sewing these days). The method for attaching the elastic waistband was a bit easier than what I’d tried before, instead of feeding the elastic through a channel, both ends of the elastic are sewn together before being pinned to the trousers, sewn and then folded under before being straight stitched at the lower edge. The waistband can appear a little snug at first (the length of the elastic is your waist measurement minus eight inches) but actually the trousers feel really comfy – and trust me I tried mine on after a Sunday roast!

For the size, I opted for size C throughout. The only alteration I made was to maintain the length of the trousers, instead of folding these up by 5cm as the pattern suggests I simply overlocked the hem, folded up the overlocked edge and top stitched in place. I tend to finish a lot hems like this these days as I find it much simpler.

The Fabric

I’ve always had a soft spot for double gauze. As someone with sensitive skin, I’m always on the lookout for super-soft fabrics and double gauze always comes up trumps. I used a organic double gauze – GOTS fabric in oatmeal from Frumble Fabrics. It was really reasonable for an organic fabric and I’m hopeful I can squeeze another top from the fabric I have leftover.

I feel like this pattern is perfect for both sleepwear and if you just fancy wearing something cosy around the house, I think there may be another set in the pipeline soon.

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