Tilly and the Buttons Indigo Midi Dress

Indigo midi dress

I made another Indigo dress! You may remember a while back I sewed an Indigo midi dress which hadn’t quite gone to plan/I dived in with excitement and made a few mistakes (oops!) While the Indigo dress doesn’t reflect my typical style I love how easy-wearing it is, so I was eager to have another go.

There is a pattern extension pack now available as an add on to the original Indigo pattern. I plumped for the long sleeve version this time, with the intention of gliding into autumn with a couple of handmade garments under my belt. To make the midi dress, I simply added the bottom tier pattern piece to the original . There are a lot of gathers to sew, and stitches to unpick, with this garment but if you perch with a cuppa and get going it’s actually quite relaxing. Having said that, I did take a little shortcut in that I only did two, instead of three, rows of gathering stitches.

The Fabric

I love floaty fabric and it definitely works well with this pattern. I spotted this drapey crepe fabric from Minerva. It wasn’t the easiest of fabrics to sew but I do love a challenge! Plus, it gives this dress plenty of movement which I like. The only downside is it’s quite sheer so it definitely requires a slip underneath.

As with all the Tilly and the Buttons patterns I’ve tried the instructions are nice and straightforward. I guess the only thing I would alter next time would be the sleeves. Maybe I just have really long arms but the sleeves are quite short on me. I may yet add some frilled cuffs!

Thank you for reading! Please feel free to pop any comments/questions below. X

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