Indigo midi dress

Indigo midi dress

The sewing community is a lovely bunch. After much deliberation about whether to post this dress on Instagram (I made a couple of mistakes!) I’m so appreciative of the kind words of support from people. At the start of Me Made May I wrote about my aim of honing my style and creating garments that compliment other pieces in my wardrobe, ergo a more practical and sustainable collection of clothes. Having made the Indigo dress before I was so excited to give the extended pattern a try.

From the image above you’re probably thinking ‘this lady is being a bit pedantic’ because the mistakes aren’t obvious, but when little mistakes start snowballing and you fret over all the hours you’ve spent sewing you can start to feel slightly deflated at the thought that your garment might not turn out as initially planned. My first rookie mistake was not checking the direction of the print. Have you ever been so excited to get sewing that you forget to cast an eagle eye over the direction of the motifs? I eagerly cut the front and back skirt pieces only to realise the flowers were running in a horizontal instead of vertical direction. The motifs are quite sporadic but when I put the skirt alongside my bodice pieces it was a bit too obvious to ignore.

To make those gorgeous gathers on the Indigo dress the front and back skirt pieces require a hefty slice of fabric and unfortunately, my leftover fabric wasn’t wide enough to create the desired silhouette. I thought I’d get away with it but my skirt ended up more of a mermaid shape as opposed to flared and floaty.

Another blunder arose when I found I didn’t have ample fabric to cut the single, folded piece needed for the bottom tier. I tried to replicate the shape using three pieces of fabric stitched together but this made the bottom tier look and feel quite heavy instead of light and floaty.

Okay, so all in all not too bad and I’ve learn’t some good lessons here. Will I make it again? Absolutely! I’m really pleased with other elements of the dress; I’m really happy with how my gathers turned out joining the skirt to the bodice and the frill sleeves are dreamy.

Also, this fabric. Honestly, I never usually buy fabric without a pattern in mind but I couldn’t resist buying a couple of metres when I saw this Delia crepe from Fabric Godmother. It has a beautiful drape and a timeless, vibrant pattern. You can find it in different colourways on the website.

I may try and alter the dress or perhaps after a few more wears those mistakes won’t seem as important. I really love the Indigo pattern and will 100% give the the midi dress variation another whirl soon.

Have you sewn garments that didn’t turn out as planned?


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