Sewing room tour

Sewing room tour

One thing James and I planned to do during lockdown is envisage how we want each room in the house to look. We’ve been in this house almost two years now and as a new build, each room is pretty much a blank canvas that we can put our own stamp on. We’re lucky that we have two spare rooms upstairs, one of which we had originally planned to use as an office space, but this has slowly morphed into a sewing room (sorry James!) I’m in this room almost everyday and it’s definitely my biggest and most fun WIP, I really want it to be somewhere inspiring and also practical. I’m curating pieces ‘petit à petit’ so I thought I’d share what’s been added to this room so far.

The desk

Probably the most important piece of furniture in the sewing room repertoire is the desk. Having originally propped my sewing machine on a wobbly school desk barely wider than my machine I appreciate this piece of furniture so much. James and I found the desk at a warehouse sale and since it was one of a few items not yet sold we managed to knock some money off the asking price (bonus!) I love it because it’s composed entirely of reclaimed or recycled wood and has a unique, rustic finish. There are also plenty of subtle compartments for storing my sewing trinkets and electronics which helps to keep the space nice and tidy. Speaking of storage, this is definitely something the room could do with a little more of, I’m hoping a trip to IKEA will sort this out. James and I recently sanded down some old pieces of wood to make shelves which has helped add a bit of depth and warmth to the space.

Cutting table

We picked up this cutting table at IKEA last year and it has been invaluable. It’s a good height meaning I don’t have to crouch over when cutting fabric and the wooden frame ties it in nicely with the rest of the room.


Who doesn’t love a bargain? I owe particular kudos to my parents who found this sofa bed in a charity shop for just £20 (I know!) It’s in great condition and has been really handy when we have guests staying. It’s also ideal when I want to relax and read or do a bit of hand stitching. Eventually, I’d like to find a smaller sofa bed in a brighter colour but for now this one has been great.

The desk chair is from Wayfair and I think it’s a pretty good match with the desk and also really comfortable.


We picked up this chrome light and bulb from a charity shop earlier this year but haven’t yet sourced a main ceiling light for this room. I’m loving the light evenings at the moment but come winter, a good ceiling light is definitely something we’ll need to invest in. I’ve seen some great options on Pinterest.

Light furnishings and décor

As this room is north facing it tends to look quite dull by late afternoon so I’m trying to find colourful pieces to keep it as bright as possible. The shelves are a recent addition and perfect for keeping my favourite patterns on display and adding some greenery to the room. I’m also trying to pick up some more prints to fill empty wall space. When we first moved in all the rooms were painted a classic light magnolia, I feel like this colour works well in the room but I may paint a feature wall on the sloping ceiling eventually.

What do you think of the space so far? Have you been sprucing up your own sewing space recently?

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