Dreamy denim skirt

Dreamy denim skirt

Two years ago I spotted my dream skirt. Back then, the closest I’d come to dressmaking was sewing a simple cushion in a home economics class, I never dreamed that I’d be able to navigate a sewing machine and understand different types of fabric. I remember walking into a high-street store where I spotted what, in my eyes, was the holy grail of a denim mini skirt. Cinched waistband worn high, easing into a subtle A-line silhouette and finished with a button-fronted placket. This was the season-spanning essential I was hankering for, the versatile garment that would unite my jigsaw of clothing. But after giddily turning the skirt back and forth on its hanger, hoping the image I had of myself in it would soon be a reality, the price tag quickly brought my sartorial fantasy crashing down to earth.

Creating my dream wardrobe, having control over the fabric I wear and achieving the correct fit are some of the reasons why I started sewing. So when Tilly and the Buttons announced the release of the Bobbi skirt I was jumping for joy. I now have about two years of sewing under my proverbial belt and a pattern that would enable me to create my dream, denim skirt – pure lightbulb moment!

I should say that the Bobbi pattern doesn’t just offer a flattering skirt, you can also go one step further and make the fun pinafore option. The pattern is so versatile; you can vary the garment by adding pockets, belt loops and mix things up with different types of fabric. I knew I would get more wear out of the skirt, I could imagine wearing it with a simple T-shirt on warmer days or jazzing it up with tights, boots and a cosy jumper come winter. I decided not to add any pockets to my version, partly because I ordered too few buttons from Minerva (oops!) but also I wanted the skirt to have a timeless feel and a simple shape.

Finding the perfect fabric is perhaps why the pattern sat gathering dust on my sewing table for longer than initially intended. I knew I wanted denim but I was also keen that the denim was a substantial medium-weight without feeling too stiff. Eventually, after many an evening dedicated to fabric searching I spotted this Adler organic stretch denim from Sewisfaction. This is undoubtedly one of the nicest fabrics I have ever sewn with, the quality is undeniable and it has a little bit of stretch which makes the skirt really comfortable to wear.

In terms of sizing, I tend to be a creature of habit with Tilly and the Buttons patterns in that I usually opt for the size 10 throughout without having to grade between sizes. The hem was also the perfect length for me; I’m 5ft7 and the skirt finished just above the knee.

I played it safe when it came to topstitching, there are plenty of opportunities to get playful with your finishes but I’m not quite at that stage where I feel confident topstitching in a contrasting colour thread. Saying that, I am really pleased with how neat my skirt turned out, no major wobbles! My machine even managed one buttonhole without me guiding the foot back and forth so that was a bonus!

If you haven’t tried the Bobbi pattern yet, I urge you to have a go. This could be up there with my favourite Tilly pattern and I’m sure I’ll be using it again, and may even jazz things up with some visible topstitching!

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