Magical Mykonos

Magical Mykonos

A daily dose of feta and cerulean seas – need I say more?

We’ve all been there right? Book a holiday and then spend the next however many months trying to figure out the best places to eat, those dreamy ‘instagrammable’ spots and reading endless reviews about your accommodation on Trip Advisor. My partner James and I have been together three years and never booked a beach holiday before. We love city trips but this was one of those ‘we need a some sun’ getaways and I’m SO glad that we picked Mykonos. Honestly, people this place is one of the nicest islands I’ve been to. Sure, it depends of the type of holiday you like and for us, Mykonos offered chilled beach vibes by day and bustling streets by night.

Although we’d heard stories of tourists being lumped with extortionate restaurant bills and the draw of the island for insatiable revellers (this makes me sound so old) it is easy to find the authentic Greece here and places to eat and drink that won’t blow your budget in one night. If, like me, you like to spend half the day sightseeing and the other half lounging by the beach or pool with a chilled beverage, this place can accommodate. There were four of us in the group, aged from 29- 35 and although we weren’t seeking parties until dawn, the bar scene here is pretty top notch with most places staying busy all night.

I would say that September is the perfect time to go, it’s still hot but tempered by a daily breeze (hair whipping back and forth is no understatement) and livelier beaches including Paradise and Super Paradise tend to be slightly quieter at this time of year. That being said, most beach bars are accompanied by DJs in the afternoon and tend to get busier after midday so make sure you snap up a sun bed early if you want a good spot.


Where we stayed

I think everyone was in agreement that our hotel was pretty darn good and definitely one of the most reasonable in our part of the island. The George Hotel was located a 5 minute walk from Platis Gialos beach (the views were amazing!) with a couple of small supermarkets nearby and within walking distance of restaurants, bars and the bus which can take you to Mykonos town. The breakfast here was also delicious, James and I both became obsessed with the feta pie. I also love that feeling two days in when you’ve worked out where the best pastries are and how to use the orange squeezer without looking completely baffled, #tourist.

Take a boat trip and explore the coast

One of the best ways to see the island is by boat. We stayed in the southern part near Platis gialos beach and from there we were able to board a small fishing boat with the option of stopping off at other beaches along the 45 minute route.

If you do decide to go to Mykonos it’s likely that Paradise beach pops up as one of the most popular places to soak up the sun – and dance on bars if you fancy! This is a hub of beach parties with bars and restaurants lining the coastal front and bottles of rosé being couriered to sun worshipers as if it’s on tap. If you’re looking more for luxury and relaxation, it’s worth stopping off at Paraga beach where you’ll find inviting sun loungers and a laid back atmosphere with a few bars and restaurants to choose from.

Try the local cuisine

I’m still telling myself that the amount of feta that I heartily consumed on a week’s holiday in Mykonos was absolutely necessary. Who can say no to a delectable block of cheese (I kid you not) wrapped in sumptuous layers of filo pastry and drizzled with honey and sesame seeds. I’m salivating at the thought!

There are loads of reasonable cafes and restaurants, just make sure you do a bit of research so you have a back-pocket list of places to choose from. I would also say that house wine is a great option if you’re looking to save some pennies! It was delicious everywhere we went and certainly helped to temper the shot of ouzo many restaurants treat you to at the end of your meal.

Nikolas Tavern

There was a reason that feta played such a central part in my diet during the week and there was one particular restaurant that jump-started this trend. Located at Pinky Beach, around a 15 minute walk from Platis gialos, is a family-run restaurant that’s remained a popular haunt for locals and tourists since opening in 1967. It’s worth booking a table as this place gets busy and once you taste the food you’ll see why! This is simple, homely greek cuisine served as and when it’s ready. I loved the busyness and almost domesticated feel of the place. The staff are really friendly and the food is really reasonable.

Yialo Yialo 

We stumbled across this little restaurant on a walk back from the beach. It’s located right on the beach front at Platis gialos with the option of taking your dinner al fresco, under the stars (the dream!). The food here is refined and is a huge draw for seafood lovers. I’m a veggie but there were still plenty of options for me. I chose the house salad which was delicious and this was followed by banofee for dessert.

Avra restaurant

Avra restaurant

If you’re looking for a romantic setting (or simply a beautiful one!) Avra in Mykonos town is worth a visit. It’s located down a low lit, alleyway surrounded by floral decorations and opens out into a stunning, candle-lit courtyard – with a ceiling of flowers no less! The waiters are really attentive and make great recommendations for food and drink. Food is wholesome and rich with an good selection of wines.

Visit Mykonos Town

People will tell you that the main centre of Mykonos is a maze and that’s part of the fun! We found new places with every visit, there is an amazing array of shops, from jewellery to art, as well as beautiful bars on the seafront where you can watch the sunset.

Wander the winding streets and seek out restaurants and bars at Little Venice
Shop for authentic trinkets!
Watch the famous sunset at the windmills

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